Asia The Beauty And Diversity For A Vacation

One of the world’s largest and most diverse continent is Asia. Its total area, including Asian Russia (with the Caucasian isthmus) but excluding the island of New Guinea, is 17,226,200 square miles. Thus, it roughly represents one-third of the land surface of earth.

Asia has both the highest and the lowest points on the surface of Earth, and the longest coastline of any continent. Moreover, Asia is usually subjected to the world’s widest climatic extremes, and, as a result, Asia produces many forms of vegetation and animal life on Earth.

With a close look to the people of Asia, we can find that Asia has the broadest variety of human adaptation that could be found on any of the continents.

In fact, Asia is a continent that is full of adventure and spirituality, which has attracted many travelers for centuries.

So, Why Choose Asia For Your Next Travel Destination?

Asia is considered as one of the most diverse continents, with different cultures, landscapes, different religions, and a board variety of populations. There are many other reasons that make you choose Asia specifically for your next travel destination.

  • Asian, Ancient Civilizations:

greece-athens-parthenon, Asia

Actually, Asia includes many Ancient wonders and sacramental spaces across the continent, starting from the Chinese Great Wall, the temples of Angkor, to the lesser-known marvels in Myanmar, Nepal, and Afghanistan.

So, Asia would be one of the important family vacations, as all of them will know more about the Asian civilizations.

  • Vast Landscapes:

Vast Landscapes, Asia

Asia is very famous for its vast landscapes, like the sublime coastlines, the snow-capped mountains, the majestic Mekong River, the wildlife of the infested jungle.

In addition to its immense expanses of desert flow and the mountains that attract millions. So, the wonderful and the charming nature of the Asian landscapes, make it one of the best travel destinations, that you would prefer to go to.

  • The Asian Food:

Asian Food

Asia is very famous with its food, and it has exported its different cuisines all over the world. Starting from the Indian red hot curries, the famous China’s juicy dumplings, and the most known and loved noodles across the globe, which is the pad-Thai.

Even the way of eating is enjoyable in Asia; forget about using forks, as the chopsticks are the main tool to eat your food. So, the hungry travelers will never get bored because of the diversity of the Asians cuisines.

  • Asia and Glance of the Future:

4- Asia and Glance of the Future

If we look at Asia, it would be very clear that it is the future. Actually, now Asia has succeeded to challenge European and American cities in fashion and business.

Moreover, we can find that China now is experiencing the development of its economy with a very quick pattern. Now, India is one of the countries that have a very fast growing technology. South Korea has one of the fastest speeds of the internet in the world.

Furthermore, during the evolving of modernity in Asia, many incredible travel means have evolved, such as the high-speed train. All of these rapid developments make Asia one of the main travel destinations, for those people curious about technology and economic developments.

All of these reasons make Asia one of the main traveler destinations, more than any other continents. You would have a very useful trip in Asia, either if you plan for traveling alone, or if you decide to make it a family trip, then this would be one of the best family vacations.

Major Asian Sports:

In Asian countries, there many sports activities that are enjoyed. The most famous sport is the Association football, and known as soccer. Also, there are other sports like hockey, cricket, polo, and tennis table. Actually, Asia has a number of outstanding players and teams that compete with the world at a very high level by most of the Asian countries.

Association Football, The Most Famous Sport in Asia:

Football, Sport in Asia

Association football is considered as the most famous sport in most of the Asian countries. Historically, in 1954 this Asian Football Confederation was founded, this confederation organized many tournaments for the Asian national teams.

These tournaments, including the AFC, are split into five regional federations, which are responsible for organizing regional football championships. The five regional federations are located in west, central, East, South and the South East.

It could be strange somehow, but it is the truth that the women’s football is more successful than men’s football in Asia, especially in international competitions. We can find that the most dominant region in

Asia in the women’ s football is East Asia, especially in North Korea, China, and Japan. In men’s football, the most dominant countries are South Korea and Japan, in the East of Asia.

Therefore, if you like soccer and you want to enjoy watching some of the matches there with your family, try to search for family vacations packages that may include tickets for some football matches.

The Best Tourist Destinations in Asia:

There are a lot of exciting destinations in Asia. If this is your first trip to Asia, you may feel confused, and you cannot easily decide where to go, so the following lines will give you a guide and help, through introducing to you some of the best destinations in Asia.

  • Thailand:

Beautiful Thailand Beach

Thailand is one of the most important tourist attractions in Asia, especially the old city, Chiang Mai, where most the tourists go. With a look to the number of visitors, we can find that around million visitors come to Chiang Mai every year.

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Actually, Chiang Mai is considered as one of the most famous and top places to visit in Thailand. Moreover, Bangkok city is one of the most important visited cities in the world.

So, if you decide to go to a family trip to Asia, never miss visiting Thailand, where you can have a cheap all inclusive family vacations offer. Also, don’t miss visiting all the important tourist sites in Thailand.

  • Malaysia:



If you want to relax, and eat delicious food, then your next travel destination should be Penang in Malaysia. Penang is a large island, where you can relax, and find one of the best cuisines in all South East Asia.

Moreover, you can find in Penang museums and art galleries. In fact, Penang is a large island that can be reached easily, and it is rated as one of the top tourist attractions in Asia.

So, if you are planning a vacation for relaxation, and you want to eat the best food in South East of Asia, then you can search for a cheap all inclusive vacation packages, that include a visit to Penang.

  • Singapore:


Singapore is one of the modern green cities, and visiting it costs more than visiting other cities in the rest of the South East of Asia. However, Singapore is worth a visit for its special food, the presence of different cultures, and it includes many places and museums to visit.

So, do not miss enjoying the modern life in Singapore, and try to search for all inclusive family vacation packages, to minimize the overall cost of the trip.

  • Beijing, China:

Beijing, China

If you decided to visit China, then you have to go to Beijing, which is the heart of China. Beijing includes a number of the amazing heritage Sites such as the Forbidden City and the popular Great Wall. Although, Beijing is crowded, full of madness and busy streets, but, give it a chance and try to be a part of it.

Really Beijing worth a visit, and if you are planning a family trip, you can choose one of the all-inclusive family vacations packages that include a visit to Beijing and its heritage sites.

  • Bali, Indonesia:

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of the main destinations for honeymooners and surfers as well. This magical place includes excellent beaches, in addition to volcanic landscapes with its magic of nature.

Actually, Bali is one of the top destinations in Asia, and the good news is that the flights to Bali are cheaper than flights to Bangkok. So, you can benefit from offers and search for the best family vacation packages, which include a visit to Bali.

  • Tokyo, Japan:

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is one of the most important world’s economic places. So, if you are curious about new developments, and strange devices that you will never see unless you visit Tokyo, then it should be your next travel destination.

Although, Japan is not a cheap place to visit in Asia, if you know and learn some travel tips, this will help you a lot in saving some money when you travel to Japan.

  • Rajasthan, India:



Rajasthan desert is rich with history, romance stories, camels, in addition to the impressive forts. Actually, Rajasthan is a fantastic travel destination that you would never forget. You will enjoy the sun and the beauty of the desert.

Moreover, you can also go to north to the Himalayas to visit Manali or the home of the Dalai Lama.

Top Hotels and Restaurants in Asia:

For those who travel to Asia for the first time, the following list of hotels and restaurants would help you a lot when you are planning your visit.

First: Top Hotels in Asia:

  • Mandarin Oriental Tokyo:

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

The resort is located near the main shopping destinations in Tokyo, in addition to being at a walk distance from the main entertainment destinations in Tokyo.

The resort consists of 157 rooms, in addition to 21 suites, and all are offering panoramic views. Moreover, the resort offers a variety of dining options including three different restaurants.

  • Four Seasons Hotel Singapore:

Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

One of the important hotels in Singapore that offers relaxation is the four season’s hotel. At the same time, its location is very near to the shopping centers, entertainment destinations, and the Botanic Gardens.

The hotel includes four tennis courts, a luxury spa, 2 outdoor swimming pools, and a variety of dining options, where the guests can enjoy all of this during their stay in the hotel.

  • The Oberoi, New Delhi:

The Oberoi, New Delhi

On one side, the hotel offers a view of both the Delhi Golf Course and the Humayun’s Tomb on the other side. The rooms are furnished with king-sized beds; the curtains are blackout curtains, and plush carpets.

  • The St. Regis Lhasa Resort:

The St. Regis Lhasa Resort

The resort is located on the face of the Potala Palace. It is famously known for its iconic structures, such as the Jokhang Temple and Norbulingka. The resort offers its guests tours to the Mount Everest, Tibetan Iridium Spa for the healing treatments, the meditation garden.

You can also enjoy engaging activities like yoga and cooking classes. Moreover, the resort, offers the guests’ the opportunity to enjoy swimming in luxury at the golden energy pool.

  • The Peninsula Beijing:

The Peninsula Beijing

This hotel is located in a central location, which is near to the Wangfujing district for shopping. Excitingly, it is minutes away from many historical monuments, like the Forbidden City and the Tiananmen Square.

  • Taj Lake Palace:

Taj Lake Palace

The palace is located at the backdrop of the Aravalli Range. The hotel offers the guests to get a tour on the Gangaur boat, which is a 150 years old, and sail on it.

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Second: Top Restaurants in Asia:

Usually, travelers when they travel to a new destination, they are in a need to know the best restaurants, in order to add these names in their traveling plan, know more about each restaurant, its location, and reviews.

The following lines will show some of the top-rated restaurants in Asia:

  • Burnt Ends:

burnt ends singapore

It is located in Singapore and its owner is the Chef Dave Pynt; his restaurant become famous and top rated because of his very special Australian and Basque smoky barbecue.

  • Odette:

Restaurants In Singapore , Odette

It is located in Singapore, and it is dedicated to sourcing ingredients from producers across the globe. Among its popular orders are the French guinea fowl, which is served with celeriac risotto, trout with grilled octopus, and miso caramel.

  • Nihonryori Ryugin:

Nihonryori Ryugin

This restaurant is located in Tokyo with a modern kaiseki cuisine and a menu changing upon with every season.

  • Narisawa:

restaurant Narisawa in japan

It is located in Tokyo and it has been rated as the best Japanese restaurant this year. The restaurant is very famous for its use of environmentally friendly, as well as seasonal ingredients.

  • Hember:

Restaurant Hember

It is located in Hong Kong, and it was rated this year as one of the best Chinese restaurants for its special dishes that combine and mix the French classics with the Hong Kong edge.

  • Restaurant Andre:

Restaurant Andre

It is located in Singapore, it is rated as one of the top restaurants in Asia, and it received the prize of the best restaurant in Singapore.

Asian Commonly Used Languages:

Asian Languages

In Asia we can find around 2197 spoken languages, however, the most ten commonly used languages in Asia are mentioned as follows:

  • Mandarin Chinese, with 51% of speakers throughout Asia.
  • English, with 17 % speakers.
  • Indonesian, with 10% speakers.
  • Japanese, with 5% speakers.
  • Filipino, with 4% speakers.
  • Korean, with 3% speakers.
  • Vietnamese, with 3 % speakers.
  • Thai, with 2% speakers.
  • Burmese, with 1% speakers.
  • Malaysian, with 1% speakers.

In addition, it is important to know that the four top Asian languages are the most commonly used languages on the internet. English is the most commonly used language with about 53.6%.

Asia Climate:

The Climate of Asia varies starting from a wet climate across southeast sections to a dry climate across most of the interiors.

In the Western sections of Asia, we can find the largest temperature ranges on Earth. The presence of the Himalayas forces the formation of the thermal law, which draws in moisture during the summer.

As a result, we can find the monsoon circulation is more dominating in the southern and eastern parts of Asia. When talking about the Southwestern sections of Asia, we can find they experience low relief due to the subtropical high-pressure belt.

That means that they are hot in the summer, warm to cool in winter, and possibly have snow at higher altitudes. In addition, we can find that the most active place on Earth for the tropical cyclone activity lies between the northeast of the Philippines and south of Japan, where Asia landfall is more likely to occur.

Asian Festivals:

Since Asia includes various religions and cultures, the Asian festivals vary from one place to another. The following lines will shed light on some famous festivals in Asia.

  • Thailand Festivals:

Loi Krathong and Yi Peng ,Thailand Festivals

Thailand is famous for its celebrations and the most commonly known festivals in Thailand are as follows:

  • In April 13-15, Songkran / Thai Water Festival.
  • In November, Loi Krathong and Yi Peng.
  • Around September or October, The Phuket Vegetarian Festival.
  • In December 5, The King Bhumibol’s Birthday.
  • In July 28, The King of Thailand’s Birthday.
  • In August 12, The Queen’s Birthday.
  • On the full moon of each month, Full Moon Parties.


  • Indian Festivals:-

holi festival india

  • In October 2, The Gandhi’s Birthday.
  • In January 26, The Republic Day.
  • In August 15, The Independence Day.
  • In March, The Holi Festival.
  • In October and December, Diwali/Deepavali.
  • In January or February, Thaipusam.
  • In November, Pushkar Camel Fair.


  • Chinese National Day:

Chinese National Day

On 1st of October, China celebrates the National Day, which began as a patriotic holiday since 1949. National Day is definitely the best time to be in Beijing; to enjoy these celebrations.

  • Setsubun in Japan:

Setsubun in Japan

It is celebrated during Japan’s Spring Festival, to welcome the beginning of spring.

Setsubun is not an official national holiday; however, the event has evolved to include a variety of sumo wrestlers, celebrities, and lots of candies and envelopes with money are thrown into the crowds.

Setsubun is a very important and famous festival in Japan.

  • Chinese New Year:

celebrated festivals in the world is the Chinese New Year

One of the most celebrated festivals in the world is the Chinese New Year. The festival lasts for 15 days and during its first few days, many destinations in Asia are impacted.

Car Rental agencies in Asia:

Car Rental agencies in Asia

In order to choose your car rental agency, you have first to search the internet for a various number of car rental agencies, compare prices.

Then, you should choose the one that offers you the best service with the least possible price. Never forget after finishing your research, to write down the details of the car rental agency in your travel plan.

Finally, we can say that Asia is the world’s largest continent and it includes a variety of population, cultures, religions, different climate, and different festivals. All this would make it a very special vacation; you will never get bored because of all the variations available.

If you want this trip to be a family trip, then it would be better to search for offers about family vacation packages in Asia, as it would be better managed, and will be at a lower cost. at a lower cost.

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