Australia the Magical Continent As A Top Tourist Attraction Destination

Are you thinking about your next travel destination? Did you decide to travel to Australia?

If your next travel destination is in Australia, then this article would help you a lot to know more about Australia, its top tourist attractions, its top-ranked hotels and restaurants, and many other details that would help you a lot in preparing your trip plan.

Australia is ranked as the 6th largest country all over the world by land area, where its area is about 7,682,300km² and the distances between its cities and towns can be easily underestimated. In addition, the Australian government has published a National Public Toilet Map to be a guide for everyone.

Australia is very famous for being one of the highly urbanized countries in the world, in addition to its natural wonders, beaches, deserts, and wide open spaces.

The Australian borders start from the west at the Indian Ocean, to the east by the South Pacific Ocean. At the southeast, the Tasman Sea is there separating Australia from New Zealand, moreover, at the northeast, the Coral Sea exists. The Timor Sea and the Arafura Sea, both of them separate Australia from its northern neighbors, including Indonesia, East Timor, and Papua New Guinea.

So, Why you should choose especially Australia for your next trip destination?

In fact, Australia is a very beautiful place, it is like a huge painting containing the red outback sands, cities with technicolor reefs frames, in addition to the indigenous emotional stories.

Many reasons would make you choose Australia to be your next travel destination:

  • The Beaches:

Beaches in australia

Australia has the best beaches in the world. Among the beautiful Australian beaches are the Hyams Beach and Cable Beach, which are famous for having the whitest sand in the world.

Another beach is the Kirra Beach which is famously known for its wonderful rolling waves.

In addition to the Whitehaven Beach, this beach that is near to the wonderful Great Barrier Reef. No one can dismiss Sydney’s magnificent Shelly Beach.

  • The Natural Wonders:

The Natural Wonders in Australia

Australia is the home of rare and fabulous natural wonders. Starting from the wonderful Great Barrier Reef, which includes the only living piece of Earth remarkable from space, to the amazing sacramental Uluru, there are a lot of amazing sites that worth seeing and enjoying at least once in your lifetime.

Other wonderful places to visit in Australia include the Pinnacles; the Fraser Island; Kakadu, which is famously known for its fabulous tropical biodiversity; the MacKenzie Falls; the Blue Mountains; and the Bungle Bungle Range with its sandstone area.

  • The Shimmering Cities:

The Shimmering Cities in australia

Australia is characterized by low population density, and about 85% of them are living along the coast in the city.

With a close look to Australia we can find that the beauty of its mountains, rivers, and oceans, the urban life makes it more pretty.

Sydney, for example, is famous for its vibrant culture and beach lifestyle. Also, the Melbourne charming European flair and coffee culture, actually there are a lot of amazing things to do, see and experience in Australia’s shimmering cities.

  • The Adventures:

You can enjoy having many adventures in Australia, starting from exploring the outback wilderness, to snorkeling at the incredible Great Barrier Reef, or may you choose to surf the incredible Australian diverse coastlines.

So, if are planning for a family vacation, I greatly recommend you to go to Australia, as there are many varieties that would satisfy all the members of the family, which would make it one of the best family vacations.

Popular and Famous Sports in Australia:

There various popular sports in Australia,

The following lines would introduce to you some the popular sports in Australia.

  • Australian Football:

Australian Football

Australians are great followers of football and it is one of the most famous sports in Australia. You can find that they are great lovers for “footy”, which covers codes in Australia, and the popularity of these codes differs from one region to another.

In Melbourne, you can find the  AFL, which is the Australian Football League,  is the most famous sport, which was developed in the 19th century.

What is little confusing about football code in Australia is that it differs from one state to another. The football code, for example, in Sydney means Rugby League, In Melbourne, it is the (AFL)  Australian Football League, while it is the Rugby Union and the soccer in other states.

However, all the four codes have a strong base of fans and in the same season, all the 4 codes are played, which is from March to September.

  • Tennis:

tennis in australia

In January, Australia hosts the international tennis tournaments every year in the Australian Opening.

In the first week of the Australian Open, we can see the international top male tennis starts at t Brisbane.

In the second week, the female players are glaring at the international Moorilla Hobart.

The other tennis tournaments include the French Open, the Grand Slam tournaments, the US Open and the Wimbledon.

  • Car Racing:

Car Racing


Australians have a great passion for car racing. In March, hosts the Formula 1 at the Australian Grand Prix Melbourne’s Albert Park.

In October, there is Nikon SuperGP, and at the Gold Coast, there is the Primed V8 Supercars.

  • Marathon:

The international marathon in Australia

One of the important sports on the Australian Calender is the Marathons.

In May, there is The international marathon on the Great Ocean Road in Australia. While, in June, another famous marathon is held, which is the Gold Course Airport Marathon.

  • Cycling:

Cycling is ranked as the third famous sport in Australia for children, and the second famous sport for adults over the age of 14.

In fact, there are about 10.8 % participants to the cycling sport in Australia.

  • Cricket

Since, 200 years, the Australians have played the cricket.  The Australian cricket team is one of the top-ranked and best teams in the world with their famous trademark baggy green caps, moreover, the cricket team has won 4 times the ICC world cup, and so they gained the biggest cricket records in the world.

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If your family is interested in attending sporting events in Australia,  then you can search for family vacations packages that include tickets for attending some of the sports events in Australia.

Top Tourist Destinations in Australia:

  • Great Barrier Reef:

Great Barrier Reef in Australia

It was established in 1975 in order to protect the fragile ecosystems.The Reef is one of the seven wonders of the natural world, and it is located on Australia’s east coast stretching for 2300 km along the Queensland state.

At the Great Barrier Reef Park you can enjoy diving and snorkeling, and also you can enjoy viewing the reef marine life from underwater viewing stations and glass boats.

If you are planning a family trip to Australia, then do not miss to visit this wonderful place.

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge:

Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia

One of the most places in Australia is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is called “the Coathanger”. Its construction was finished in 1932, and it rises 134 meters above the harbor.

The bridge connects the north shore of Sydney to the central district of business. Moreover, there are two railway lines that extend over the harbor bridge, and there are eight lanes for road traffic.

This impressive bridge is the largest steel arch bridge in the world, so do not miss to visit Sydney to see it.

  • Kakadu National Park:

Kakadu National Park in australia

The Kakadu National Park is located at the northern territory end and it is considered as one of the heritage sites in the world, in addition to being one of the greatest wilderness areas on the planet.

The park is considered as the largest park in Australia and is ranked as the second largest park in the world, Covering more than 19,840 square kilometers.

The park includes waterfalls, rock paintings, and a variety of wildlife. Moreover, the park includes a large number of mammals and reptiles, as well as about 300 different species of birds.

The visitors can have a tour in the park by car or on foot, or by boat on the floodplains, or the rivers as they prefer.

This place is a perfect destination for a family trip, so try to search for family vacations packages to Australia that involves a visit to the  Kakadu Park.

  • Sydney Opera House:

Sydney Opera House in australia

The Opera House is one of the marks in Sydney, which looks like huge shells, and it is considered as one of the heritage sites in the world.

The water surrounds the Opera House on three sides and the Royal Botanic Gardens on a side at the south.

The Opera House construction was completed in 1973 and it represents one of the greatest architectural icons in the world.

  • Uluru- Kata Tjuta National Park:

Uluru- Kata Tjuta National Park in australia

One the most natural wonders in Australia is Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, which is commonly known by Ayres Rock.

The red hills represent the centerpiece of the park and they are one of the world heritage areas, which is managed by the traditional landowners and Parks Australia.

The shifts in light that causes the Uluru and Kata-Tjuta transform takes place when the sun dips in the sky, and visitors enjoy watching these moments.

Top Restaurants in Australia:

Melbourne Restaurants:

Melbourne Restaurants in australia

Melbourne cuisines are the home of the best restaurants in the world. The Melbourne restaurants have a mix of cultures and cuisines, with strong European heritage, in addition to the presence of Asian food too, which is one of the favorites of the city.

Here are some of the top-ranked restaurants in Melbourne:

  • Republica St. Kilda Beach.
  • Kobe Jones.
  • The Meat and Wine Co.
  • Flower Drum.
  • Ginger Boy.

Brisbane Restaurants:

Brisbane Restaurants in australia

There are various numbers of restaurants to choose from in the city of Brisbane, where you can enjoy the sun and the natural views all around.

Here are some of the top-ranked restaurants in Brisbane:

  • Malt Pier.
  • Watt Restaurant and Bar.
  • Empire of Jamie Oliver.
  • Julius Pizzeria.
  • Jellyfish Restaurant.

Tasmanian Restaurants:

Tasmanian Restaurants in australia

When it comes to dining at Tasmania, then you are seeking to eat fresh food grown in pristine conditions.

Here  are some of the top-ranked restaurants in Tasmania:

  • Josef Chromy Restaurant.
  • Stillwater Restaurant.
  • Home Hill Winery Restaurant.
  • Bistro Camille.
  • Restaurant Tasman.

Top-Ranked High Teas in Sydney:

If you want to enjoy new high tea dining experience, way from the classical high tea, then Sydney is your best choice.

You will enjoy elegant air with your family at afternoon, with a variety of new designs and tastes of cupcakes, macaroons, chocolates, and cakes.

Here are some the top-ranked High Teas in Sydney:

  • ABODE Bistro and Bar.
  • Hatters Tea House.
  • Boronia Tea Room.
  • The Tea Room, QVB.
  • The Carrington Hotel.

Top-Ranked Hotels in Australia:

We choose some of the top-ranked hotels in Australia as to help you in your travel plan, so keep their names and choose the best for you and for your family.

Southern Ocean Lodge:

Southern Ocean Lodge in australia

If you are looking for Luxury, special food, and Superb Spas, then you will like this lodge very much.

You will enjoy the afternoon there with your family, with the wonderful view surrounding the lodge.

You can search for all inclusive family vacation packages, as it will offer you a lower cost.

Thala Beach Nature Reserve:

Thala Beach Nature Reserve in australia

If you are looking for luxury, nature tours and high-quality restaurants, you can find all of this at Thala Beach. Actually, since its opening in 1998, It has been leading the way of sustainable tourism.

There are about 83 bungalows that are located between the trees and surrounded by the tropical vegetation.

What is exciting about Thala is that it offers nature tours, in addition to the educational talks during your stay.

This place is very appropriate for your next trip with your family, so try to search for all inclusive family vacations packages, as these packages offer you lower cost, in addition to that some of them involve some trips and tours to different places.

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Pump House Point:

Pump House Point in australia

If you want a break from everything around, you are looking for relaxation, so your destination should be the Pump House Point, where there are block houses that offers a luxury accommodation.

To overcome, the problem of its high cost, you can search for some offers in some tourism agencies that offer cheap all inclusive vacation packages, as these packages are usually lower than the normal prices and would help you to get a lower price.


BYRON RESORT in australia

One of the world-class hotels is the Byron Resort, where you would enjoy the design which very special and you would find the Australian landscape and culture everywhere there.

If this is your first visit to Australia with your family, try to find offers for cheap all inclusive family vacations that will involve a stay in the Byron.

Languages in Australia:

Languages in Australia

Australia is characterized by the diversity of cultures and languages. In fact, Australia has no official language, however, English could be considered as the first language in Australia, where about 77% of Australians speak English.

The next common spoken languages in Australia, according to the statistics of 2016 are as follows:

  • Mandarin, where about 2.5% of the population speaks, Mandarin.
  • Arabic, where about 1.5% of the population speaks Arabic.
  • Cantonese, where about 1.2% of the population speaks Cantonese.
  • Vietnamese, where about 1.2% of the population speaks Vietnamese.
  • Italian, where about 1.2 % of the population speaks Italian.

Actually, a large portion of the first and second generations are bilingual.

Concerning the indigenous languages in Australia, there were about 250 million languages existed in the past, however, today there are 20 of these languages that are still used on a daily basis by all age groups.

According to the statistics of 2006, 52000 of the indigenous Australians were reported that they spoke one of these indigenous languages at home, so this represents about 12% of the indigenous population that is speaking one of the indigenous languages.

Commonly used Currency in Australia:

Currency in Australia

The official currency in Australia that is commonly used is the Australian dollar (AUD), and in 2016 according to the statistics, the AUD was ranked as the fifth currency that is commonly traded in the world.

So, Where to buy the Australian currency?

You can exchange currency at banks, international airports, and hotels.

Regarding the banking hours, they are usually working from 9.30 to 4.00 pm from Monday to Thursday, But on Friday they are working till 5 p.m. In addition, there are some branches that work on Saturday mornings.

Moreover, the Australia Post provides the banking services on the behalf of many financial institutions and banks.

In addition, there are Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) in different places, which the bank offers for simplicity and more ease use.

The Climate in Australia:

Climate in Australia

Due to the large geographical size of Australia, the climate varies, in addition, there is no single seasonal calendar for the whole continent, however, there are six different climatic zones, which can be translated into 2 main seasonal patterns.

One pattern in the temperate zone, which is a summer, Autumn, winter, spring pattern, which also affects both the Grassland and Desert Climatic Zones.

The other pattern is a Wet/ Dry pattern in the tropical north.

The temperate zone seasons are divided as follows:

  • Summer: It starts in December and ends in February.
  • Autumn: It starts in March and ends in May.
  • Winter: It starts in June and ends in August.
  • Spring: It starts in September and ends in November.

The Most Commonly known Festivals in Australia:

Each year, hundreds of festivals are held in Australia, the following lines will introduce to you some of these festivals and their timing.

  • Arts and Cultural Festivals:

Arts and Cultural Festivals in australia

The Sydney Festival: this festival is held every year in January and it involves a diverse program including arts, music, dancing, and many other outdoor events.

The National Multicultural Festival: This Festival is held in Canberra in February. It takes 4 days and it includes national and international music, food, arts, and dancing.

Tasmania Festivals: In March, Tasmania’s flagship celebration of island arts and culture is held and it lasts for 10 days. The festival includes many activities including dance, music, food, theatre, and literature.

Brisbane Festival: Brisbane Festival is held in September and it involves a variety of events and programs, including, circus, music, opera, theatre and many other shows that everyone across this wonderful city participates.

Melbourne International Arts Festival:

This festival is held in October and it lasts for 17 days, and it is one of the famous and important festivals in Australia. It involves a variety of events in the fields of visual arts, theatre, dance, music, and multimedia.

  • Independent Festivals:

Festivals in australia

 The major national independent festivals include the following:

National Folk Festival: which is held in Canberra in April.

WOMADelaide: which is held in March at South Australia.

The Revelation Perth International Film Festival: which is held in July.

Woodford Folk Festival: which is held in December or January and it lasts for six days.

In addition to these festivals, there are many other national festivals that are held in Australia and are based on different themes such as writing, social media, music, films, theatre and many other themes.

Top-Ranked Car Rental Agencies in Australia:

There are five major global rental agencies that Australia has developed in its rental car market.

These five agencies are Avis, Budget, Hertz, Thrifty, and Europcar, where all of them are represented at all major airports and many minor airports as well, in addition, they are represented at different city and town locations.

In summary, if you are planning on to have a wonderful vacation, and you are looking for a place that includes natural wonders, shimmering cities, the best beaches, different cultures, different cuisines and many adventures, then Australia is the best destination for your next trip, you will enjoy it and will never forget these days ever.

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