Finding The 6 Cheapest Hotels In Asia

Asia is a huge continent that has great areas and enormous activities that makes it one of the main destinations where tourists visit and enjoy their vacations and have fun.

There is no doubt that every one of us is looking for great services, comfort, and fair prices as well.

Although there is usually, a variety and different kind of services, which are cheap and expensive, most of us, want good quality and low cost.

Here we have the cheapest three hotels in Asia that offer low costs and guarantee residents’ satisfaction.

The 6 Cheapest Hotels In Asia:

  1. Trekkers’ Home:

Trekkers’ Home hotel

This hotel is for people who love great landscape and sightseeing, it is located in Nepal. The booking system is very flexible and the services are great. The staff at Trekkers’ hotel is very friendly with residents, known for their high level of cleanliness and comfort.

You can only spend 12$ per night.

    Tourists Reviews:

Emails from Australia said:

“We were residents for four nights in a two-bed room for a couple. Room was very clean and the water was nice and hot. The staff was very friendly to us and the privacy was really excellent. Actually, it worth trying”

Tulsi said:

“I stayed for two days and it was a wonderful place. The wonderful services were around 24 hours daily, hot water, and Wi-Fi. The staff was very friendly and cooperative. The garden was so beautiful too”

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  1. HueNino Hotel:

HueNino Hotel

It is located in 13/2 Lane 14 Nguyen Cong Tru, Hue 054, Vietnam. Discipline is the number one priority to guarantee the welfare of their residents. With $16.50 only, you can spend a nice stay in that hotel.

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    Tourists Reviews:

Exeter, from the UK, said:

“The first time you go to Huenino Hotel, you will notice the cleanliness and the hospitality. The crew was always helpful and gave us tips to be more comfortable. The breakfast was tasty. Thanks for the wonderful days I spent there!”

Peter said:

“Me and my family stayed there for two nights at Hue Nino. If you ask for anything, you will get it on time. The breakfast was delicious and there was a possibility to shower after the checkout. I was happy to stay there”

  1. Oasia Hotel Novena

Oasia Hotel Novena

It is located in a charming district in Singapore. Transportation around the hotel is very flexible to go around the cities. Best services offered to the guests’ and there is a wonderful pool. There are many nearby Entertainment places, restaurants, shopping areas and cafés.

Spending 130$ is very cheap comparing with its amazing services and wonderful location.

Tourists Reviews:

James said :

“We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary at this wonderful hotel. It was a good choice for us. We find customer service crew is really professional. They surprised us with their cleanliness everywhere and the professional treatment”

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  1. Meliá Dubai

meliá dubai hotel

Enjoy the magic of oriental hospitality with Meliá Dubai with the maximum comfort and relaxation. Prices start from 453 AUD.

Tourists Reviews:

Ahmed, from Emirates, said:

“The location is very good, the receptionist was very friendly to us. We were happy and impressed by their smiley faces.

The most wonderful thing I noticed when I came to this hotel is the fast check-in. I recommend trying this wonderful services and generous hospitality”.

  1. Soneva Kiri, Thailand:
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Soneva Kiri, Thailand

It is located in Thailand, just drive one hour only from Bangkok. The wonderful sightseeing and beautiful nature around the hotel are what makes it unique.

You can go for a walk on the lovely beaches. High standard of privacy is found in this fabulous hotel.

Hotels administration doesn’t forget to make offers and discounts.

Tourists Reviews:

“We spend about five days in this hotel. The landscape around was fantastic and the service was excellent. We will never forget these memorable days”

  1. Morgan Plaza, China:

Morgan Plaza, China

The means of luxury and welfare you can find it in this great hotel in Beijing. Also, you can enjoy its design which is ancient and majestic and overlooks the Olympic district in Beijing.

It is also very close to the biggest library in China and the fourth in the world.

Moreover, you’ll enjoy the best Chinese services and the view of Beijing when you look from above the hotel.

Tourists Reviews:

Patric from France said:

“The hotel was extremely fantastic. It was luxury service and not as expensive as the same in Europe was. All the services existed. We asked for Chinese food, it was very delicious if anyone intends to go to Beijing for tourism, try Morgan plaza, I recommend it”

So, these were the 6 best cheapest hotels you can enjoy in Asia on your fantastic vacation! Share with us your experience and your most recommended hotel there.

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