The 5 Cheapest Hotels In Europe. Try Different Cultures And Places And Enjoy


Traveling to Europe is a dream to many people all over the world especially if you want to have a great vacation with your family or friends, have fun, go shopping, and enjoy together.

Keep in mind if you want to stay there for some days, just take notes about the cheapest hotels that offer high quality services with fair costs. You can also search online for the best prices, but also keep in mind the changes of prices during holidays and seasons of vacations.

Many of us has a limited savings for traveling and complain of the crazy rising costs, so we are going to know about the cheapest hotels in Europe that guarantee good quality and low cost fees.

1. Britannia Adelphi Hotel

Britannia Adelphi Hotel


It is located in Liverpool, England. Although it offers low cost fees, but it has many good services like free Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, fitness equipment and indoor pool.
You can walk for two minutes of Lime Street Rail Station. It is close to the Albert dock and the Beatles museum.

What do guests think about it:
John said:
“It was the best in Liverpool for many years. I stayed there twice specially it was located in a wonderful district”
Henry said:
“I was astonished with this grand hotel. Many people like ancient architectures and I’m one of them beside the good services and low costs. I recommend to people who love Liverpool hotels”

2. Hotel Cavalletto, Venice, Italy

Hotel Cavalletto, Venice, Italy

It is the best one that offers good prices for 4 stars hotels in Europe. The services are fast and professional. It is few steps away from the famous St Mark’s Square, the history traces to the tenth century

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What do guests think about it:
Sarah from Germany said:
“The prices are wonderful and the discounts for fees are updated periodically”

3. Safe Stay Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland

Safe Stay Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland

It is the cheapest 5 star hotel in Scotland and all Europe Located in Old Town it is about ten minutes walk of museum of childhood.
It offers free Wi-Fi, laundry and housekeeping services and 24 hour front desk are available
Kids stay for free. More that two years old kids stay free if they use the same bed

What do guests think about it:
Scott said:
“I tried to find a cheap hotel like safestay edinburgh but I didn’t. is was really safe stay for me as it is called”

Mark from the USA said:
” as many hotels in Scotland, this hitel’s location is perfect but the most thing makes it special was its price and no extra fees. That was my second visit for me to Scotland and the first time to stay there, I said to everyone who want a good service and fair balance, go to Safestay Edinburgh and you will find the difference”

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4. Castillo Hotel Son Vida

Castillo Hotel Son Vida

It is one of the most popular hotels in Palma de Mallorca in Spain and one of luxury collections hotels.
It consists of 164 rooms with wonderful romantic decoration that let you imagine and feel the magic around you and the standard of comfort is very high.

What do guests think about it:
Marco, from Barcelona said:
“The best thing that made me comfortable that it has every thing I need. These are really the meaning of luxury and welfare with good prices”
“I spent with my wife in that wonderful hotel and celebrated with her birthday. They brought a cake to us to celebrate, it was a friendly treatment, I recommend staying there”

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5. The Savoy hotel, London

The Savoy hotel, London

London has a lot of great hotels which are famous and receives many tourists from all over the world. The savoy hotel is one of them.
The best thing attract residents is that great and unique location above the river on an island between two busy roads. It is considered one of the iconic hotels opened in 1889.

What do guests think about it:
J. B from Australia said:
” magnificent hotel, this great collection between the legacy and modernity make the experience unforgettable”

L.S from Denmark said:
“the staff did a good job to help residents get the best comfort. I think this is the impression of all residents in that wonderful hotel without exception”

Jennifer from England said:
“being a resident in that great hotel is a wonderful dream. The landscape around it is very cheerful. It is not just a hotel.
So I recommend if you have the ability to come to London, then stay in Savoy, don’t hesitate”

Don’t miss out the chance for a good have a great time in Europe and have an enjoyable vacation.


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