The Best European Cities For Family Trip

We all know that Europe is full of wonderful and wonderful places, so be aware before planning to enjoy the beautiful places you can visit with a lot of comfort and pleasure in Europe. We offer you a list of the most beautiful places in Europe worth visiting.

Summer Climate:

The sun moves vertically in this chapter north of the equator, and the continent is clearly affected by heat and the heat increases away from the sea, and the heat increases during the day as we move north because of the length of the sunrise.

[ads1]Winter this type of climate is very cold and lasts from nine to ten months and the temperature drops to zero and below, during the short summer, the temperature rises and does not exceed 10 degrees Celsius in the hot months and not less than zero.

European Countries

European Countries


European countries are one of the most charming tourist destinations and beauty of its cultural and cultural features, The European countries are characterized by the beauty of nature, and there are semi-islands, where mountains, forests, hills, hills, coasts, lakes and rivers, which is dominated by temperate climate, the diversity of the climate resulting in diversity of vegetation cover, The main family is to spend their vacation time, where the family gets everything they want in different regions throughout Europe, and it is characterized by cultural diversity and diversity of languages.

1.      London, England:


The city of London is very close to the heart, especially among lovers of travel and tourism around the world and in the Arab region in particular. No wonder that this wonderful city offers many opportunities for family enjoyment for all its visitors of different nationalities, such as the giant London wheel and famous architecture, about the magnificent museums, some of which are visited for free. Experts recommend not to miss the Tower of London, the beautifully landscaped gardens and you and your family will surely enjoy an enjoyable trip.

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2.      Amsterdam, The Netherlands:


Amsterdam is famous for being an adult destination, but it is also filled with many fun opportunities for children including many museums, various historical treasures, as well as outdoor fun among the extensive gardens, not to mention biking and boating. Among the most beautiful water channels.

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In Amsterdam, experts advise you to visit the Nemo Science Center, take a bike tour of the flower market and the most famous old canals.

3.      Paris, France:


As Paris is known for being a destination for couples, it is also one of the most beautiful family destinations, including the world’s most famous attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, the world’s most famous shopping street, the Champs-Elysées, and the unforgettable Disneyland Paris Much.

The Luxembourg Garden, the Natural History Museum, and the Crypt are among the places you should not miss in Paris.

4.      Berlin, Germany:


Berlin offers its visitors a lot of adventure and entertainment. There are public parks and open spaces such as the famous Tiergarten Park, the botanical and animal gardens such as the oldest zoo in Tsolgische Garten, and a wide range of activities in museums.

Experts recommend visiting the historic Brandenburg Gate, discovering the Museum Island, exploring Alexander Square, and having your favorite drink with your family in a children’s cafe.

5.      Prague, Czech Republic:


In the city ​​of a thousand towers, you and your family will feel that you are living among the most beautiful stories and fairy tales. Children will love to hear the astrological clock, explore Prague Castle, and visit the dance house. At the same time do not miss the walk on Charles Bridge, visit Petrin Park.

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Do not miss the Cocoa and Chocolate Museum where your children will enjoy their favourite chocolate making.

European Cuisine:

European Cuisine

European Cuisine or more generally Western cuisine, collectively denotes European and Western cuisine. European cuisine includes Russian, North American, Australian and New Zealand cuisine as well as European countries. It is used especially by Asians to differentiate it from Asian cuisine. The Westerners call it European food or what they call Continental.

European cuisine is diverse with its people and civilizations. However, it has particular advantages when compared to Asian cuisine. For example, meat depends more on meat and its quantities on tables are much higher. The art of shaping and cooking western meat is more varied than Asian meat and depends on the quality and place of meat. Westerners rely on sauces to season their meat. Westerners also rely on flour as the main source of starch and, to a lesser extent, on potatoes, compared to Asian rice.

European Foods by Countries:

Grilled Sunday Dish from England

  • Pasta from Italy.
  • Smorgrob dish from Norway.
  • French Croissant Bread from Paris.
  • Dish Pratt is common in Eastern Europe.
  • Bulgarian Authority.
  • Spanish Rice Dish.
  • Grilled Sunday Dish from England.
  • Scottish Panook Dish.

Last but not least, the continent of Europe has many picturesque landscapes and many wonderful cities, making exploring this vast continent one of a fantasy. We are used to the list of cities that you wish to visit in cities such as London, Paris, and Rome, but they are always crowded with tourists.

If you are a seasoned traveler and want to get away from the crowds of tourists who are crowded with well-known European cities. Opportunities to enjoy the beauty of Europe without any distress.

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