The Cheapest 3 Airline Flights In Australia, Enjoy Your Travel And Save Money!

Traveling abroad became so important especially if you intend to go to a far city.

In the world of traveling, many airline companies offer many facilities and discounts, Australian companies are one of them!

Australia is the largest sixth country in the world by its huge area. It also has great opportunities for tourism due to its fabulous nature and sightseeing and for executives to work in.

Nevertheless, the increasing costs of tickets and other additional services are still the biggest obstacles for many people to travel and enjoy amazing sightseeing, shopping, and have fun with their families.

The higher costs passengers pay, the more challenges airline companies face. So here, we are going to know the cheapest 3 companies in the wonderful growing country, Australia.

  1. Qantas Airways

Qantas Airways

It is considered the biggest airline company in Australia. Qantas is the abbreviation of Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd.

They called it “flying kangaroo” as it is the name of the most popular animals in Australia. The official location headquartered in Sydney.

One of the advantages of Qantas is that it has a powerful online booking system where you can earn some points.

When you fly through Qantas, they offer the option of a Qantas flight number on code share services that was operated by other airlines. When you travel using your Qantas flight number, you’ll earn some points exactly as you do when you fly on a Qantas aircraft.

You can also find more details about offers and discounts through their official website of the company.

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What do travellers think of Qantas Flights:

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D Peters, from Australia said:

“I periodically fly all the year from manila to Brisbane approximately 20 times a year. And, every time I find the services are warm and good. The managers welcomed me themselves and asked me if there were any problems and thanked for my trust towards Qantas”.

N Porton, from Germany said:

“I was flying from Hong Kong to Aukland. The first flight with Qantas was long but I was impressed with the new plane and seats, which were very comfortable. I saw a big discipline in their services starting from the booking till the Departure”

John curtain, from Australia said:

“The flight from Melbourne to Brisbane was good. The flight was fantastic but there was a slight delay due to the excess hand baggage but there wasn’t a big problem. The meal was very delicious with coffee. In short, it was very good flight with them”

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  1. Virgin Blue Flights:

Virgin Blue Flights

It is the second biggest airline after Qantas group and it is the largest aviation company by fleet size to use the ‘Virgin’ brand. It has grown to serve directly 29 cities in Australia.

It flies to all capital cities and for holidays to over 30 destinations in Australia alone. It also won many rewards like SkyTrax’s for its Best Low-Cost Airline.

They offered low cost tickets starting from 99 AUD inside Australia besides arranging holidays starting from 300 $. Just log into their website and enjoy special offers inside and outside Australia.

Senior officials there said that booking flights and getting more information would be easy as eating a cake!

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What do travellers think of Virgin Blue Flights:

Jumana said:

“The brand campaign catches eyes for its creativity and inspiration. It is full of optimism and life”

R Gielen, from Switzerland said:

“It was smooth and great travel from Auckland to samoa with friendly crew. All crew was young but efficient. The food for this flight was slight and limited to suite that 4 hours flight. You feel relaxed when you sit on the seats. I had enjoyed a lot with virgin flights for ten years or more and I feel they improve their services constantly”

  1. Regional Express (Rex)

Regional Express

It is considered one of the largest aviation companies in Australia. It flies its planes to more than 58 destinations all over Australia. One of the advantages you can notice that it has a powerful crew and friendly customer service and the level of hospitality is high.

Regional express is the biggest company outside Qantas group. That makes it more competitive and disciplined by continued training pilots and engineers

What do travellers think of Regional Express Flights:

Yanick said:

“Efficient crew and excellent booking procedures unlike the other flight companies I tried. My first flight was very noisy in the seat but I knew that it was because of the location of the engine. I saw the host working hard to serve the passengers and offered coffee and cakes to them. This flight deserves to be repeated again”

Enjoy your trip! Cheers!


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