The Cheapest 3 Airlines In Asia. Enjoy Sky Services

Do you intend one day to spend a wonderful vacation in Maldives?

Islands or going to China and enjoy shopping there? I think none of us didn’t think of these enjoyable and cheerful vacations.

Any passenger is looking for a comfortable flight, great services, and cheap tickets!

It is annoying for most people to spend lots of cash only for getting a ticket. It is actually bad that travellers lose the opportunity to enjoy the interesting places around the world with their families.

Many chances are lost due to the increasing prices of tickets and other extra services.

Here are the 3 best cheapest airline companies that guarantee safety and comfort in Asia:

1-Air Asia Foundation:

Air Asia Foundation Flights

It is the cheapest company in Asia and the largest one in Malaysia.

It runs and operates international flights to more than 165 destinations spanning 25 countries and work with a low-cost system to suit every one.

This wonderful company got the award of the cheapest company that offers the lowest cost per one kilometer (0.035 USD per one kilometer) and it is the first company in South Asia that applied electronic tickets system.

It has 6 branches in countries all over Asia; Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Philippine, Indonesia, and Thailand. You can fly to Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth and much more with ticket prices starting at USD 79.

It offers meals at 3 USD only. The company raises the slogan: (everyone can fly)!

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Here are some reviews about air Asia clients:

Suganya, from India, said:-

“I used to travel to Mumbai through air Asia periodically. They are always very friendly while checking in and they always give me the correct answer. The seats are really comfortable and large. Also, the time of taking off is excellent.

It is the best airway company; I strongly recommend flying with its planes”

Animesh from India said:-

“The prices are really good compared with other companies. I went to many countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand because my hobby is traveling. So, if you want to fly with a good airway that makes a good mix of good quality and low price, I recommend air Asia airways. They are checking with no extra fees and that is a good point. Only 7 Kg cabin baggage is allowed. Air Asia is the most suitable for economic classes”

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2.Lion air – Indonesia

Lion air – Indonesia Flights

It is the second low-cost airline in Asia after air Asia and the second largest one in Indonesia. It flies to more than 79 different destinations all over Asia.

There were big achievements and massive growing constructions in the last several years along to the huge amount of the orders and passengers.

It flies to Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and China. Their plan is to fly to most destinations all over the globe

The company’s slogan is “all people can fly”!

Reviews from clients:

Cherrymar Said:

“The flight was very good and exciting and also very cheap. The crew helped us a lot for our comfort. I will try using their airways again”.

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Becky from England said:-

“Lion air flight was very comfortable. And also the tickets prices are really good so I recommend it “.

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3.Indigo Flights

Indigo Flights

It is the fastest growing airline in the world. Indigo follows the policy of discipline and cheap services.

The rate of discipline in indigo rises to 99.91 %, this is an excellent rate in comparing with the other airline companies in India.

The most powerful start for indigo is that it turns to the world flights begin with Muscat in Oman.

What Makes Indigo Unique?

They have amazing discipline, well trained and cooperative crew, the best performance that they offer good hospitality and delicious meals.

Some Reviews about Indigo:

Mohammed Nishal from Qatar said:-

“I was having many exceptions for my morning flight but I noticed that the crew offered their hospitality with smiling faces. I think they seriously love their work. I would fly with indigo again”.

The big increases of population in this area and the variation of passengers needs made a big challenge especially in the field of air aviation and generally in transportation. Nevertheless, be sure that flying is your prior rights, not luxuries

Enjoy your flight, and have a wonderful vacation!

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