The Cheapest 3 European Airlines You Can Enjoy Flying With

There are many chances for passengers to travel abroad, have some adventures and enjoy in different places especially in Europe.

But, one of the challenges that face people nowadays is the high cost of services thus, tickets prices go higher and higher, the more services you get, the higher costs you will pay for.

So, almost all flight companies deleted some luxurious services so that all people can fly and travel easily.

One of the advantages of the European continent is that countries and borders are close to each other. That became even closer specially after making a revolution in field of transportation.

Here we are going to know about the cheapest 3 airlines in Europe:

1.    Ryan Air

ryan air flights

It is the number one company in achieving and solving the equation of the increasing costs. It is considered the cheapest in all Europe. The headquarter is located in Ireland.

It flies to more than 33 countries including most of European countries carrying more than 65 million passengers easily and in safety.

It based mainly in Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland and Spain.

The secret of being a cheap company is that it orients to the least famous and secondary cities, so the costs strongly decrease. The most interesting thing is that it keeps eyes on the massive competition among the other big airlines

Ryan air has many offers that guarantee safety and welfare. It also offers fantastic holiday packages to different places. It is covering air travel, hotel accommodation, transfers, Meals, sightseeing… etc

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Recently, Ryan air also set a weekly flight to china every Wednesday

What travellers think about Ryan Air:

Zafrullah hamzah, from Ireland said: “The service is great, and the crew of the cabin was very friendly and there was a big discipline in journeys. There are no complaints about it and the short distance flights are excellent”

R cage, from Australia said:

“The flight from Barcelona to Rome was excellent I flew with Ryan air twice. I flew from England to Spain and from Spain to Italy. I was worried about the budget but I discovered it was at a very good cost. Both flights took two hours. I would fly with them again”.

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2. Easy jet:

easy jet flights

It is considered the greatest British airlines in the UK located in London in Luton Airport. It flies to more than 134 destinations all over the world with more than 200 planes.

Top Destinations in Europe:

London – Paris – Dublin – Manchester – Vienna – Lisbon – Rome – Amsterdam – Berlin Barcelona –

 Top Destinations outside Europe:

Chicago – Delhi – Sydney – New York            Hong Kong –    Los Angeles – York

Singapore _ Toronto – Bangkok – Melbourne

Easy jet has many additional services. What makes it popular is low cost of the additional services that make it one of the competitive airlines companies all over Europe in addition to the high quality and safety.

It won many awards recently in 2013:

  • business traveler magazine
  • world travel, as a low cost based airline company

The booking system is excellent and makes offers up to 50 % off for the hotels and 30 % off for car rental.

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Their slogan is “this is easy jet generation”

What travellers think about EastJet:

Joanne parr, from the UK said :
“I flied from Gran Canarias to Gatwick. What a wonderful flight I had! I haven’t flown with its planes before, after I had cancelled with another flight, I booked with easy jet. The crew was friendly and helpful. I enjoyed with my family consisted of four children and two adults”.

Bento from Portugal said:
“it was a short journey. The check-in was really fast and easy and the seats were new. I enjoyed watching space during the flight, it was an amazing flight”

3. Tulfly Flights:

Tulfly Flight

Tulfly is the third biggest airline company after Lufthansa and air Berlin and the third low cost airlines in Europe. It owns more than 45 planes. The headquarter is founded in Hannover in Hungary.

European resorts are the best districts that Tulfly cares about. 12.5 million Passengers fly to more than 17 countries through Tulfly.

It also helps passengers to list of discounts updated periodically up to 25 % off. Online booking and canceling is excellent.

What travellers think about Tulfly Flights:

W Dorle from Belgium said:

“The journey from Kos to Ostend was really fantastic, and the cabin crew was highly educated since they were speaking at least three languages French- Dutch and English.

When you ask a question, they answered with a big smile, so there weren’t any problems existed at all”.

P Warde from the UK said:

“The journey from Osten to Kos was really good, there wasn’t any delay and the service on the plane was very good. It was an old craft but the flight was excellent”.

Enjoy your travel and have an enjoyable vacation!

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